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Hernia obturadora estrangulada 

  • Mac Donald, A; Fletcher, P R; Rao, A B; Titus, I.
  • 'Hernia obturadora estrangulada'.
  • Revista: West Indian medical journal
  • Año de publicación: 1988.
  • Volumen: 37.
  • Número 2.
  • Páginas: 110-113.
  • ISSN: 0043-3144.
  • En Inglés.

Título en inglés: Incarcerated obturador hernia.


Incarcerated obturator hernia is rara, only approcimately 550 cases appearing in the literature since the first case was reported in 1924. The three cases treated at the university Hospital of the west Indies are presented. they demonstrate many of the clinical features of the condition. Most cases occur in elderly womwn and they almost always present with symptoms and signs of small bowel obstruction. Pressure on the abturator nerve by the hernial sac in the obturatorcanal results in a positive Howship-Romberg sign in about 50% of patients. If the diagnosis is suspected pre-operatively, confirmation may be obrained by computerized tomography. this, hower, seems unnecessary as prompt exploration is advisable due to the high incidence of gangrene of the vowel. At surgery at reduction frequently result in damage to the small bowel, and resection is often necessary due to injury or gangrene. Closure of the entrance to the canal with interrupted non-absorbable sutures is adequate, and prosthetic material is necessary only for very large defects. The high mortality rate reported is probably due to the age and poor general condition of affected patients (AU)..

Palabras clave:
Cirugía; Diagnóstico; Obstrucción intestinal
Sistema digestivo; Cirugía; Epidemiología. Salud pública